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I’m pretty sure we have all heard about mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance by now.  It has been heavily advertised on TV with companies telling you they can and will claim it back on your behalf.  The down side is that their fees average 25% of whatever refund you receive, with some companies charging up to 33%.

Hey!  You can do it yourself, FREE, except for the cost of postage!  I would, however, recommend you send it by Recorded Delivery as the recipient has to sign for it.  This way you cannot be told “Oh.  We did not receive your claim!”

So …  How can this be done?  It is a simple 11 page form available from the Financial Ombudsman website or you can click on this link PPI questionnaire form.

One thing you must remember, the form needs to be sent to the Head Office of the organisation concerned and NOT to the branch where the transaction took place, so again this link PPI Claim Addresses will give you most of the addresses concerned and this link PPI Cover Ltr will give you a sample covering letter.

I know there are an awful lot of you out there that hate the idea of form filling, but please don’t be put off.  If you have been mis-sold PPI, then you are entitled to claim it back.  So …  if you would like any help completing the form, then just call or email us.  We will help you in exchange for a very small fixed fee.