Don’t Switch Off…

Don’t switch off or your Tax Return

could end up being submitted late!

Switch On and get in touch with your


Don’t have an accountant yet?

Then call us on 01325 488 529 or

send us an email.

We may well be able to help but you

must act now!

Counting The Days…

There are a lot of people out there who are now starting to count down the number of days until Christmas.

Me…  I’m counting the number of days left in which to prepare accounts and submit my clients’ tax returns to HMRC.

There are 61 days remaining, so if you don’t have an accountant yet but think or know you could do with one, call us on 01325 488 529 or email us and see if we can help.



Tax Return Done?

Has your tax return been done and submitted?

Yes!    That’s great!    Another box ticked!

Now you can relax and enjoy the upcoming

festivities safe in the knowledge that no last

minute panic is required except for getting

those “don’t know what to get” presents.

But… if your answer is NO, then you do need

to contact your accountant ASAP.

If you don’t have an accountant yet then you

really do have to act quickly.

For a friendly informal chat to see if we can

help, call us on 01325 488 529.

Do you have a business?

If you have your own business, whether through Self Employment or as a Limited Company, you will probably be aware that accounts have to be prepared and a tax return submitted by a specified date.

For most of you that date will be 31st January 2013.  If you miss this date, you will incur a penalty fine of £100 (one hundred pounds).

You have worked hard for your money throughout the year!  Don’t give it away to HMRC for nothing!  And please…  don’t blame your accountant if you have not given him or her your records yet!!

Once an accountant gets your records, time will have to spent producing the information required in the same way you need time to complete a job for your customer.

If you leave it until January you really are not giving your accountant much time to do their job, so please, for the sake of our sanity, get in touch now rather than later.

If you don’t have an accountant yet, give us a call on 01325 488 529 for a friendly chat in case we can help.


Cut Down…

Cut down on the stress and worry of having your

Accounts done and your Tax Return submitted!

We all need a little help at some stage.

Contact us on  01325 488 529  for a

friendly chat and see if or how we can help.

Help us to help you!

How Many Days…?

So…  Let me ask you how many days are left until the 31st January deadline for submitting your Tax Return?

Answer:  65

That may seem like a lot but it will soon pass and probably quicker than you might think!

Your accountant will need time to work on your records to produce the figures needed to complete and submit your tax return.

So can you help us mere mortals, also known as accountants, to help you by getting in touch now instead of later?

If you don’t have an accountant yet but would like one, then please give us a chance to have a friendly chat and see if we can help.  Call us on 01325 488 529.

A Little Bird…

A little bird has told me your Tax Return

has not been submitted yet!

Need / Want  some help?  Then just give us

a call on  01325 488 529  for a friendly chat

or  send us an email.

67 Days…

Another 2 days have gone by…  Only 67 remaining in which to get your accounts prepared and your tax return submitted!

Help us to help you and get in touch now if you require any assistance.

We really are friendly here!  So give us a call on 01325 488 529

Don’t make a meal…

                    Don’t make a meal out of submitting your Tax Return.

                    If you would like or need some help, do please get in touch.

                      Telephone us on 01325 488 529  or send an email.

We won’t eat you!  Promise!

We really are very friendly.

69 Days…

There are only 69 days left to get your tax return submitted by 31st January 2013.

It may seem like ages away but the time will soon go!  Plus, you will need to give your accountant time to do their work!

So help us to help you by getting in touch now if you need/want some assistance.

Call us on 01325 488 529 for a friendly chat or email us at